The colours you use in a restaurant wall directly impact how the client will feel when they enter the restaurant. It is about bringing together the ambience with the lighting, wall colours, smells & the overall setting of the furniture with the theme. Different colour combinations on the wall look amazing and brighten the whole space up.

It’s all about curating an experience when the guest walks into the restaurant. When they walk in, they can immediately guess the kind of ambience that there is in the restaurant, the color of the restaurant walls; whether the place is a fine dining restaurant or a casual dining, fast food or bar space. It sets expectations and perceptions in the mind of the guests.


The psychology of the colours for restaurants


The most popular colour for fast food restaurant chain:


A very popular colour used in fast food restaurant chains, QSR restaurants. Red increases the heart rate and helps induce hunger in the system and this encourages a high table turnover because people come and go quickly. A lot of fines dine restaurants mix hues of red which are more earthy & neutral tie the whole ambience together.

Warm & Friendly- Orange:


A colour very popularly used in ice-cream shops and fast-food spaces. Orange is a very peaceful colour which makes people joyful when they sit and enjoy their meal or dessert. The wall colors are usually bright and inviting because they are targeting young kids with families.



Cheerful and Bright-Yellow:



Yellow has a similar impact to the colour orange so the impact of this is the same. Yellow can be used in cafes, bistros and fast-food restaurants. Yellow is more appealing to the youth. It offers a more relaxed environment and vibe. A lot of Chinese restaurant wall design use the color popularly for their graphics and branding style.

Soothing and Mellow Green:



A colour which is soothing, earthy and mellow can help give a sense of support, peace and stability. Restaurants which are vegan, vegetarian, smoothie bars and cafes. Green represents freshness and brings a harmonious look to the space. A lot of places use green furniture which helps to balance the space. Green works very well with other color combinations for walls, and in amazing space graphics.



Earthy and Rooted Brown:

Brown is an earthy tone which sets the tone which helps the guests relax and feel comfortable in the space. Brown is the perfect color of the neutral range of colors, It brings out a minimal and modern vibe to the space. Places such as Coffee shops, bistros, casual dining spaces, fine dining & bars.

Serene & Trustworthy Blue:


Lighter colours of blue should be avoided in restaurants, cafes and bars because this can make people thirsty. Ideally dark, corporate and navy blue are good colours for spaces which can be used as a colour in a restaurant walls because it brings out a royale and regal look to the space. A lot of Indian restaurants, which are in the category of fine dining often darker shades of blue color for the restaurant walls.

Lavish & Royal Purple:



Purple is a very trendy colour and over the years has seen a rise in the colors. It is a sophisticated colour with an air of aristocracy and a lavish lifestyle. Purple combines very well with other color combinations for walls, purple can also be paired with a more neutral color palette. Darker purple can easily be used for the walls to make the atmosphere mellow and classy.

The universal colours White and black:


These are colours which can be used strategically in the overall space and can make the whole space look and feel different. White is an important colour to incorporate into the space because it is a muted colour which can complement a darker colour easily. The color combinations for walls of black and white blend well with all other colors and create a good balance between them. Most upscale bars, eateries and restaurants use these colours to bring out the power and boldness of the space. The white often balances out the bold colours.



In the end, it all comes down to the composition of the overall space, the theme and the type of restaurant. These factors can help the whole space planning. Colours affect the mood and ambience drastically, so it is important to have the space planned to keep these factors in mind. Colors for the restaurant walls are essential because it helps to bind the entire space together with its look, feel, and other elements like lighting and FFE.  Experimenting with the overall space is not a bad idea, sometimes different combinations can also work out and make the place a hit.