Mixing and matching of textures and colours has become a popular trend in modern interior design. It helps designers put a touch that belongs to them and it creates a unique pattern. This is also a reflection of the interior designer. The key to successfully mixing and matching is to visualize the space correctly before identifying if this suits the overall look and feel. It is an integral part of interior design styles which will always be relevant and in trend.

Mixing is an art; it cannot be just a few pieces of textured elements into the space. It is more than that. It is a study and it needs proper expertise to be able to blend textures correctly into the space. Textures add depth, especially to small house designs, where space can be an issue and help the space look bigger.

There are some steps which can be used to add texture to the space:

  • Understanding patterns and textures: It is important to understand brands and textures in order to be able to implement it into different interior design styles. Patterns are repetitive designs which keep repeating to create a unique pattern, which can be used with modern interior design. Textures can be more material related like rough, soft, velvety. These can be incorporated within tiles, furniture pieces, paints. Lots of small house designs or apartments incorporate elements like these to make it a part of the living space.

  • Layering: – Layering is important for created elegant and contemporary pieces in modern interior design styles. You can try blending things together to see which piece works well for your house. A lot of elements like a textured vase, glossy covered books, dark colored sofa. This just adds spark into the whole room and makes the space more inviting. 
  • Bold Colors: – Using bold colors in different interior design styles can really spruce up the place. Mixing and matching colors and hues can be overwhelming but this in turn if works can just brighten up the whole space. The foundation can be set with a neutral color in the space and then you can blend in more brighter colors. Be ready to experiment because it is your space after all. A good experiment will give you amazing results and beautiful patterns and textures. 
  • Choices of different lighting: – Lighting is an extremely multilayered concept and can make or break a space. Using high ceiling lights adds more depth and texture into small house designs. A warm white light produces a good ambient light which can brighten up the space.  The positioning of lights in the space is also important, most modern interior design styles have more panel lights with different shapes. 
  • Individuality & Self-Expression: Modern interior design styles are all about self-expression and wanting what is best for your space. Being able to mix and match textures can give unrivaled freedom to do what you like and how you like it. Different interior design styles always elevate with a touch from your preferences and choices. 
  • Creating a balance approach: You need to limit the color palette if and when necessary, too much color could overwhelm the space. You need one neutral color, one accent color which will be a darker shade. Always make adjustments wherever required because you won’t be making interiors a hundred times over and over. 
  • Patterns are the way to go: There are so many patterns to experiment with and add depth to different interior design styles. There are many different types of patterns stripes, plaids, florals, animal prints, chevrons, etc. These used correctly could look great in a small house design like a condo.
  • 80/20 Ratio: When you want to mix and match textures you must use the 80/20 ratio. This balance basically means that the balance must be 80% of the room should match one style and the remaining 20% of the room should have a more contrast. This can be tough to do in a small house design, but the contrast could usually come from things like a sofa or textured walls.

Understanding the technique to mix and match all items is challenging and not easy, but once you understand this it can help you to make the space yours and make it work for you. It is all about trusting your instinct and making choices which suits your needs overall. Interior design styles are often ever evolving and it is easy to get lost. Allow your space to tell a story that is yours and no one else’s. Trust your gut and blend it to make a stunning space which is eye-catching and yours.  Afterall modern interior design style is all about individuality.