Why are some businesses successful?

Because of experience + A Moment of truth

Designing the layers of experience & building your story

The moment a customer/user interacts with a space, brand, product, or service forms an opinion about it. Changing an impression or opinion about that particular brand, product, or service in marketing is called a moment of truth.

 Total Experience creates successful businesses. – Improvised by DesignTWG

Our Core Design Process




Business Vision
Mission Goal




Strategy Audience
Design Direction



Design Elements
Identity Character


Design Detailing
Feedback & Revision


Release Design
Monitor & Build

Design TWG Advantage

Our advantage is our knowledge base and experience. Our processes are designed to keep our clients first.

We are strategic space designers, and that must reflect in our designs. We listen, analyse and strategize to deliver designs to give our partners the signature space that reflects their vision & mission for the business. We can confidently claim to be of the top restaurant design firms with over 50+ restaurants on our portfolio-process page