The Maharaja

Designs that reflect royal luxuries 


Develop branding that at first glance reflects the rich, royal and vibrant nature of this upscale restaurant. 

Visual Branding Concept

The Maharaja is an Indian restaurant that exudes luxury. Naturally, the visual branding also had to reflect the uber richness of this establishment. 

The designers at Design TWG sketched several options for the branding concept. But the one that resonated the most was that of a lion – the brave and undisputed king of the jungle. It was a deliberate choice to not have a roaring lion in the logo, but one with a serene and confident expression

Visual Branding Elements 

    • The lion in the logo represents strength, boldness and leadership.  
    • The creative placement of the full-height logo at the bar is a perfect example of unobtrusive brand recall.  
    • Indian motifs like arches and jalis used in the branding are consistent with the patterns used in the restaurant. 
    • Gold is used prominently in the branding material as well for the touch of royalty. 

        Proper planning and visualisation helped in creating the branding and the interiors that went hand in hand to reflect the luxurious stature of the Maharaja restaurant.