A booth design that stands a class apart


The car brand Lexus approached us for the development of the exhibition booth. The design had to facilitate the movement of cars from the exhibition site to the client with ease.  

Interior Design Concept

The design of the booth was derived primarily from two elements – the brand guidelines given by Lexus and the clear understanding that the cars had to be the hero of the booth. While the booth proportions and the product displays were dictated by Lexus our designers had to ensure a design spoke of modern sophistication.  


The sketch of the concept was initially sent to the client for approval. Once approved, the design and implementation of the booth began hand in hand. Muted colour tones and minimal use of white ensured that the colour of the car would not be overpowered by the colour of the booth. The main car would be displayed in the round centre of the exhibition booth with other cars would be displayed all around the booth. The arches of the booth have inbuilt lights which add to the beautiful display.

Elements of Design

  • Muted greys and silvers were used for the booth design  
  • Elevated centrepiece for main car display   
  • Glass panels are used around the centre display. 
  • 3D signs with an LED backdrop illuminate the overall brand and company.  

    The exhibition booths should be consistent with the tone of the brand. The values that the brand stands for should shine through in the booth design as well. With the use of modern sophistication in all design elements, the Lexus booth stood true to the elegance and class in automobiles that the brand represents.