Priming the fast-food franchise for efficiency and vibrance   


RAPiZZA is a chain of pizza places. The brand positioning promises rapid delivery of vivid and fresh pizzas. The franchise reaches out to the youth, with its trendy “fast fusion” pizzas.   

The first location is in Mississauga and is spread across 1100 sqft, the space delivers a smooth transitional experience. RAPiZZA has other upcoming locations in Burlington, Woodbridge and Brampton ON. 

Interior Design Concept 

Since this was a QSR, it needed a highly functional interior design optimised for efficiency and speed. The interiors are planned for a smooth transition right from ordering to receiving the final order. The design enables efficiency and speed.  

All the franchise outlets are designed to be warm and welcoming. Though the service is rapid, the vibrant yet elegant interiors make customers feel comfortable and relaxed.  

Visual Branding Elements 

Logo – The Watch represents the Rapid bake Promise, The Slice Represents the Pizza.  

The Brand name – RAPiZZA is a fusion of two words – Rapid + Pizza.  

The Brand and the Logo is a symbolic representation of two elements that are embarked in form of a Promise. 

Elements of Design

  • The colours chosen for this fast food interior design project are Fiery red, Radiant Gold Yellow, Rusty Brown, and Smoky Black.   
  • The red band on the wall denotes “Z” which means rapid and it is a prominent brand symbol for that. 
  • The forms and shapes have been derived from the pizza slice and “Z”.  
  • The textures are inspired by the central Idea of the Brand. Elements from the Logo and the use of the shade of red make the texture in-sync with visual branding of RAPiZZA.  

Interior design for franchisees is among the specialities of Design TWG, a top interior design firm in Toronto. They worked on the entire RAPiZZA project from the conception to final site. The entire concept revolving around the QSR business was fundamental for the layout. Attention was paid to even the details of the small design elements of the project which played an instrumental role in brand recognition and scaling of the franchise.