Priming the fast-food franchise for efficiency and vibrance  


The design brief was to primarily create a space that would reflect the policies of Park Inn, a brand committed to providing a cohesive hospitality experience. 

Park Inn has a uniform colour scheme and pattern across all their hotel décor. Bold accent colours are a part of the brand. The specification had to be integrated into this hotel design as well. 


Interior Design Concept

Design TWG was committed to respecting the brand ethos of this hospitality giant. Every element of the hotel was designed keeping in mind the colour palette and the look.  

This hotel is located in a well immersed and populated plaza in Brampton which also houses the Grand Empire Banquet Hall. The proximity to this banquet hall is a big advantage for the hotel guests.  

A minimalist interior design matched all the requirements of the brand. This approach enabled the use of a neutral palette and wooden finishes to accent the bold colours of the brand. This created an inviting and comfortable atmosphere as soon as the guests set foot in the hotel lobby. 

Elements of Design

  • Minimalistic design in the lobby and rooms with bold accent colours used for furniture, light fixtures, and fabrics. 
  • Bold chairs, unique metallic light fixtures, and geometric patterned carpet add to the elegance of the lobby. 
  • Muted greys and browns for the breakfast area give a serene experience.  
  • Mid-tone wood elements highlight the minimalist and sleek design of the rooms. 
  • Pops of light blue on the curtains provide a contrast to the wood tones. 
  • Each room has its own unique colour and furniture accents as per the category  
  • The meeting room is designed to handle small to medium scale meetings

Park Inn stands for warm service and a casual atmosphere in a spotlessly clean space. The safety policies surpass the minimum requirements of the hospitality industry. Design TWG being an experienced hospitality design firm in Toronto created a space that matched high standards of the brand.