Creating an authentic “Punjab by nature” feel  


To retain the vibes from a traditional Indian dhaba but with a modern and quirky touch which would give Amritsari Dhaba a rustic flavour of its own.  

Interior Design Concept

The concept for the design of Amritsari Dhaba was in the name itself. A Dhaba is typically a roadside food stall, specialising in the local cuisine and is commonly found along the highways in India. This was the driving factor for the visual branding identity as well as the restaurant interior design.  

Design TWG devised a rustic interior design with bold colours and vibrant Indian elements to give the indoors a lively outdoors feel that is typical of a dhaba 

Visual Branding Elements 

Logo – It represents the backs of trucks in India, prominently the colourful number plates and patterns.  

SloganMakkhan Maar Ke to brings out the Punjabi feel because makkhan is an important ingredient in Punjabi cuisine.  

The walls have colourful and bold graphics of anecdotes in Hindi – like ‘Kailash Bhel and Chatt’ which is an ode to traditional and authentic cuisine.   

Elements of Design

  • Indian Dhaba is the inspiration for the design of the entire space and ambience. 
  • Indian patterns and textures make the interiors vibrant and the atmosphere inviting    
  • Use of Indian typography adds to the quirkiness 
  • A bold colour palette for the space matches the liveliness of the Punjabi nature 
  • Elements like the witty slogans on the walls which are characteristic of the trucks in India enhance the authentic feel 

Indians love their culture in whichever part of the world they are in. Food plays a major role in reminding them of the passion and vibrancy of India. While executing this restaurant project Design TWG has highlighted this connection of the entire space with its Indian roots so the customers can also feel the same.