Quality Inn-Orillia 

Drawing inspiration from nature to create stated elegance and comfort 


Refurbishing the public areas in the hotel space to give them a fresh uplifting look. These include the hotel entrance lobby, banquet halls, arcade area, and restaurant.  

Interior Design Concept 

Design TWG, with its with its expertise in hospitality interior design, was the perfect partner for this hotel project where stated elegance went hand in hand with comfort. The designers drew inspiration from nature to establish a connection between interior spaces and the outdoors. The result was a modern clean look with a cosy comfortable feel. This was done with a peaceful cooler colour palette complemented with ample use of dark wooden components. Motifs emulating organic forms of nature are integrated throughout the interior design. 


The hotel provides a lot of amenities for its guests with a pool, sauna and fitness centre all of which were designed by us. The banquet hall is sized to host small to medium-sized conferences.  

Elements of Design

  • Guests are greeted by a large reception desk with featured wood texture and metallic gold accents which mimic an organic form. 
  • The lobby area is a large elegant space with a bright colour scheme interspersed with an artwork of trees and wildlife. 
  • The restaurant space features a reflective ceiling with warm gold tones which emphasises the central dining area.  
  • Throughout the banquet halls, custom ring lights are used to maintain the overall modern aura. 

Nothing gives a sense of comfort as much as being in nature. Interior spaces that create this feeling naturally effuse a sense of comfort. The cool colours of mother nature are soothing to the mind and elegant to look at. This is how a Quality Inn reflects a perfect blend of elegance and comfort.