Grand Empire Banquet Hall 

Designing grandeur that matches life’s grand celebrations 


The makers of Grand Empire were looking for a design that would attract the more adventurous among those looking for lavish celebrations. Design TWG was mandated to provide 360-degree design support to the client – from interior design, logistical support on interior construction, and exterior design direction.

Interior Design Concept

Spread across 25,000 sq. feet the venue caters to 1200 people at a time using a variety of room configurations. Grand Empire Banquet Hall lives up to the brand name of grand and luxury. Luxury being the keyword for business here, Design TWG got to task to deliver luxury in every square foot.  


For an unmistakable grand look even from afar, the exterior of the convention hall was designed to have a castle-like presence which envelops the luxury within. Lighting and lighting fixtures were integrated into the designed luxury. The entrance of the hall was designed with a big chandelier accent piece which brings life to the entire space. The lighting used in the banquet hall can be adjusted as per the requirements of the space. The designs for the hall are regal because such will be the events hosted within their walls.  

Elements of Design

  • The palatial exterior look features five majestic domes where luxury is the ruling word. 
  • Awe-inspiring chandeliers with intricate patterns reflect bright gold and purple tones. 
  • Ornamental patterns and beautiful motifs liven up the space.  
  • The banquet halls boast a state-of-the-art audio-visual system and intelligent table lighting.  
  • The entire space speaks luxury, with carpeted flooring & a large scale to hold even the grandest of events. 

The clients had a clear vision of what was expected when they wanted to design the entire space. The clear brief and coordination and collaboration of both parties helped to design this beautiful banquet space.   

The grandeur of a place lies in the grand memories that are created there. A space that is witness to such grand celebrations demands a design that is nothing short of grand luxury.