A vibrant amalgamation of sweet and sour. 


Khatta Meetha’s design is inspired by the youthful vibrant zest. The environment is eye-catching, vibrant, trendy, and modern. To lighten and liven up the area, we used bright colours and fun whimsical illustrations. The space’s furniture integrates all of the brand’s colours. The wall graphics are inspired by pop art to bring out a dramatic and funky flair.

Interior Design Concept

Our approach with the space was to create the restaurant which will target the youth,  we decided to create a space that is more lively, bold and approachable and which is vibrant and trendy.  The whole vibe is funky and peppy.

We have used pop art to bring the liveness out and make the whole space look and feel more dramatic. 

Visual Branding Elements 

  • POP Art elements: Use of Pop Art to add effect within the space.
  • Neutral Ceiling: This helps to balance out the overall pop and boldness in the space. 
  • Logo Design: The logo is a traditional thela or a food cart which is used in an artistic way to bring out the funkiness. 

Elements of Design

  • Neutral Ceiling – to balance the space and highlight the features.

  • Use of colored metal sheet to achieve the funkiness and pop.
  • Patterned black and white flooring to balance and enhance the feature elements.

Interior design for franchisees is among the specialities of Design TWG, a top interior design firm in Toronto. Design TWG worked on the entire project from inception to conception. The entire concept revolving around the QSR business was fundamental for the layout. Attention was paid to even the details of the small design elements of the project which played an instrumental role in brand recognition and scaling of the franchise.