Juicy birds

Delicious fried chicken franchise with a revamped look & feel. 


The new location for Juicy Birds is vibrant, casual, modern, and youthful. The space was created to highlight the core of the entire area and the newly created visual branding. The setting is predominantly red for the brand, with hints of green for the LED wall. The vibrant space graphics give the area a fresh, contemporary feel.

Interior Design Concept

The emphasis of the space was to create a strong brand presence with a powerful and bold visual branding strategy. The QSR focuses on creating a casual and attractive dining space where you can hang out with groups of people and have a good time.

The space uses bold red with splashes of green to brighten the space. The chicken branding is the highlight of the entire space with each element of their menu. 

Visual Branding Elements 

  • Staircase branding- Design TWG used the staircase as a branding element to highlight different levels of spice in the space.
  • Backlit logo elements- We have incorporate backlit logo elements around the space to highlight the essence of the space.
  • Big wall graphic- The main wall graphic on the space highlights the inception of Juicy Birds receipes and all elements of their menu.
  • LED signs- Use of LED sign on the greenwall for an added effect in the space.

Elements of Design

  • The wall graphcis in each space are well thought of keeping in mind the space dynamics of the red and white space. 
  • Each corner and space is branded with the proper elements to create balance.
  • The kitchen is open so you can see the food preparation in front of you. 
  • We used mosiac tiles around the kitchen wall rather than a plain tile to add effect and depth.

Interior design for franchisees is among the specialities of Design TWG, a top interior design firm in Toronto. Design TWG worked on the entire project from inception to conception. The entire concept revolving around the QSR business was fundamental for the layout. Attention was paid to even the details of the small design elements of the project which played an instrumental role in brand recognition and scaling of the franchise.