Creating a collaborative workspace


The open floor plan of Design TWG’s new design studio promotes teamwork and dynamics because everything is centrally placed.

The design is inspired from the existing brand and visual language of the company, abstract forms, dynamism, and geometric designs are all a part.

A second pantry, a kitchen, and high tables for lounging around and taking a rest are all located on the top floor. A console-shaped vertical garden serves as the entrance. Panel lighting illuminates the entire area, enhancing its appearance and atmosphere; Two conference rooms, three cabins, and an open floor plan are all features of the area.

Interior Design Concept

      • The studio is filled with the Design TWG branding with neutral elements.
      • White staircase with a storage elements underneath
      • Well-lit with lighting, which brightens and livens up the space

Elements of Design

  • Vertical grass wall element to add a touch of colour to the space.
  • Lights used as a circular element in the studio space
  • The entire studio design, is a reflection of the branding elements which are used in the space such the geometric flow and dynamism
  • The intention of the open floor plan is a to encourage teamwork and a collaborative approach to work.

Design TWG’s new office is all about fostering collaboration and creativity. The open plan space centralises everything to one point