The best place to get delicious Indian cuisine.


Honest Barrie’s design is an experience of the royal and rich India. The space is designed to be bold and lively, and to highlight and enhance the accent features of the space. The design intent was to draw inspiration from the Indian mud form of architecture and fuse it with a more modern sleek vibe. We have incorporated earthy and neutral colors in the overall space.

Interior Design Concept

Honest is a very well known brand, and we wanted to elevate the already exisiting look and feel for the space and make it look more modern keeping all of the Indian inspirations and elements in mind. Our approach is was to cater Indian cuisine to everyone who comes into Honest for a meal.

We have create a graphic wall with all of the important sites of Ahmedabad which will also provide history and context to the people coming in for the first time. 

Elements of Design

  • The subtle walls within the space add depth and dimension to the space. 
  • Use of accent finishes in the space which adds appeal and value in the look and feel of the space. 
  • The design of the space is contemporary and classic bringing traditional elements in a modern look & feel. 

    Interior design for franchisees is among the specialities of Design TWG, a top interior design firm in Toronto. Design TWG worked on the entire project from inception to conception. The entire concept revolving around the QSR business was fundamental for the layout. Attention was paid to even the details of the small design elements of the project which played an instrumental role in brand recognition and scaling of the franchise.