The one-stop shop for all cold dessert lovers.


As they say that ice cream makes a bad day good and a good day great. Ice Flame has crafted different flavors with additional toppings on them. Their menu extends to delicious ice cream rolls in different flavors, falooda in different exotic flavors, shakes that taste heavenly, pan of different flavors to tantalize your tongue, juices that are enticing by their sight and marvelous by their taste, different shots.

Interior Design Concept

Ice Flame is a dessert place famous for its rolled ice cream. We wanted to create a playful, casual, and friendly design for Ice Flame. We blended the brand’s notable orange and blue colours into the interior design. The entire environment is modern and welcoming to youngsters.

Visual Branding Elements 

  • Dynamic Accents: Use of orange and blue shades for a dramatic effect.
  • Wall graphics frame: Personalised wall graphics for each location highlighting the location’s key places.
  • Logo design element used in the ceiling with bright lighting to brighten the space.

Elements of Design

  • Contrasting blue and orange brand texture below signage shows strong visual identity.
  • Direct views to wall, ceiling, and floor features allow customers to enjoy a treat in a trendy space.
  • Counter equipment is visible to customers to enjoy the food making process.
  • Bright and contrasting hues enhances the dynamic brand.

Interior design for franchisees is among the specialities of Design TWG, a top interior design firm in Toronto. Design TWG worked on the entire project from inception to conception. The entire concept revolving around the QSR business was fundamental for the layout. Attention was paid to even the details of the small design elements of the project which played an instrumental role in brand recognition and scaling of the franchise.