Crafting cosiness that feels like home


Doaba Sweets is a vegetarian restaurant that serves authentic Indian cuisine. The brief for this restaurant was to create an atmosphere that’s befitting the feel of a home-cooked Indian meal. The client required a full interior design of the restaurant along with the visual branding.

Interior Design Concept

Design TWG envisioned a cosy space that instantly puts one at ease, whether they are visiting for an intimate family meal together or hosting a small event. The entire space had to be designed within a designated area.

The idea of cosy interiors was encapsulated using a peaceful neutral colour palette. The neutral-coloured seating was combined with bright colours for furniture accents. Darker tones were employed on the walls. Bright colours were combined with simple materials to promote a a family dining environment that’s comfortable for everyone. This also brought out the vibrancy of the full brand.

 Elements of Design

  • Open display for sweets and food so customers can visually consume the freshness of the food.
  • Feature ceiling creates an emphasis above the booth seating area
  • Rustic copper highlights in the chair and booths as well as the lighting fixtures
  • These create a unique contrast with the bright blue wall coverings used in the space
  • Mood lighting fixtures are used to enhance the brightness of the space
  • Textured wallpaper in the overall space
The overall design is a combination of modern & traditional Indian elements along with textured wallpaper for the overall space. As soon as you enter the place it feels homely, it is the perfect place to sit, enjoy and grab a bite.