A welcoming office that’s high on function


When KPFS clients decided to move they approached Design TWG to design a luxurious modern office for their established businesses. The brief was to maintain the openness of the double-height space while maximising the layout for functional areas.

Interior Design Concept

Natural light was used as an effective element to design a modern sophisticated look for this corporate office space. This lent well to the use of a neutral colour palette with earthy tones. Against a backdrop of blacks and greys with ochre and silver accents, this made the space look professional yet welcoming.

The all-glass conference room has grey and black furniture accents. It is well equipped for presentations as well as corporate meetings.

Elements of Design

  • The spacious reception area allows abundant natural light to enter the office.
  • Glass partitions are thoughtfully used to make the space feel brighter and bigger.
  • Large but delicate circular light fixtures provide a sculptural quality to the reception and lounge.
  • The front staircase is a bold feature in the substantial double-height space, finished in an eye-catching silver faceted finish.
  • The executive office adjacent to the board room is designed to maintain ease of access and privacy of functions.
  • Offices and board room have high end, high functional furniture from Global.
Comfort and ease of functioning are paramount in an office space for bringing out the best in the people working there. With sophistication in design and detailed attention to all elements of design, the new KPFS office is an epitome of a comfortable place to do business.