Remax Gold

Minimalist design for maximum workplace efficiency 


To design all the areas in the office space for Remax Gold in Brampton, Ontario. These included a variety of working environments such as the lobby, lounge area, main offices, common offices, smaller secluded working areas, conference rooms and patios.  

Interior Design Concept

A minimalist design approach was used to create a clean, bright and modern working space. A fluid and organic workspace need a combination of private and open spaces albeit with clear boundaries and easy transitions between them. The designers at Design TWG achieved this distinct demarcation between private and open spaces using a sophisticated selection of materials and colours for different spaces. 


Private rooms are designed for team and client meetings. Community spaces like the patio upstairs serve as a break room for team members for some time off work or to recalibrate and hang out post-work hours. 


The entire interior of the space is clean and sleek with wooden accents, bold yet neutral colours and ergonomic furniture. This keeps even the restricted working spaces clutter-free. Marble flooring adds a sophisticated corporate edge to the office space and further accentuates the clean design. 

Elements of Design

    • Ergonomic seating is used everywhere to create maximum comfort. 
    • Sleek furniture in smaller areas to maximise the usable space. 
    • Minimalist white tiles in large spaces like the lobby and reception create a clean and bright first impression.  
    • White LED lights along with glass and wood furniture pieces create a welcoming entrance.  
    • The reception area uses an elongated table with wooden accents and gives an overview of the working space.  
    • A fireplace has also been set up in the office to create a relaxing ambience.  
    • Use of glass for conference space for a cleaner and open view.

    Open office spaces help to achieve a collaborative approach amongst the team members of an organisation. A workplace designed to have a clean, comfortable and relaxing office environment is key to motivating the team to achieve excellence at work.