320 Matheson

Luxurious Office Spaces 


Offering 35 offices and a total area of 105,529 sqft, this unique opportunity provides purchasers with a number of potential strategies. The open and efficient floor plan of the building permits a range of commercial uses and provides a great deal of flexibility.  


The Hur Ontario corridor is receiving significant investment in transit infrastructure, with the upcoming LRT dedicated right of way. This north-south route will provide crucial connections with the GO transit, dramatically improving commuter accessibility and efficiency. This directly benefits the property, with a stop within walking distance of 1.3 km.   

In combination with this planned transit investment, the office and industrial leasing markets in the Greater Toronto Area are currently showing unprecedented strength, both in terms of historic low vacancy rates and high net rental rates.  

The brand story that we designed had to be bold and confidently reflect the immense growth opportunity of the region. 

Visual Branding Concept

320 Matheson is a premium place of business and work. Every inch of its space demands confidence.  

Our team of designers accepted this challenge head-on. Through a structured approach, a clean, modern and outright professional look was chosen for creating the brand story.  

Visual Branding Elements 

  • A full bouquet of branding elements such as pamphlets, standees, webpage, visiting cards, social media marketing, stationery items, and brochures was created.   
  • The tone of voice was formal, inviting & bold in tune with the overall space branding.  
  • Life-sized banners were used for advertising and at the entrance.   

    The brand positioning of 320 Matheson was designed to be bold and passionate right at the concept level. This resulted in the brand name itself creating a landmark location in the Greater Toronto Area.