Matching the regality of the name with design 


To design a wholehearted luxury experience at an upscale restaurant that specialises in classic sub-continental cuisine.   

Interior Design Concept

Maharaja means King in the Hindi language. With a lion’s mane as their brand logo and royalty in the name itself, the design for this restaurant demanded a strong powerful character.  


Design TWG incorporated rich details, colours and textures at every touchpoint. Gold colour is used prominently throughout the interiors as a constant reminder of regality. A family dining space has to appeal to all age groups, including the youth. A vibrant fun element was added to the space by offsetting the gold with bright colours like mustard, mauve, violet, turquoise and royal blue. Motifs common in royal Indian architecture, rich fabrics with golden details and walls covered in paintings of Indian royalty dramatise the journey of the guest from the entrance to the seating. 

Elements of Design

  • An Illuminated onyx counter announces luxury right at the entrance. 
  • Paintings of Indian royalty in thick ornate frames adorn the walls some of which cleverly conceal the TV screens.  
  • Chandeliers illuminate the whole place adding an element of luxury to the lighting. 
  • The full height logo, cut in half on the back bar wall, gives an opportunity for brand recall in a creative non-obtrusive way.  
  • A custom-made curio display behind the hostess’s desk houses hand crafted Indian artefacts from various regions and eras.  
  • The motifs of “Arch” & “Jali” (latticed screen), among the most important art forms in vernacular Indian architecture are manifested throughout the space in different forms and proportions. 

Maharaja, with its all-out luxury in a modern setting, has transformed the tired rhetoric of traditional Indian food. It gives an experience befitting a king – a perfect draw for friends and families who want to enjoy a traditional Indian meal together.