Design TWG

Holistic design that reflects the true values of the company


When Design TWG undertook the task of designing their own office space, they wanted to recreate an open studio concept that has a friendly environment and becomes a collaborative learning space for all.

Interior Design Concept

Design TWG knew one thing for sure when they started designing their office space – it has been a place for the creative growth of all. The designers took a holistic approach that encouraged collaboration and learning.

Most of the office is designed to be an open space that gives a view of everything in the office. The high ceiling creates a liberating atmosphere for the designers. A large area is allocated for the sample room so designers can explore a wide range of materials through the design process of a project. The workstations for each individual person have enough space to accommodate all work accessories in them. Everything in the office, from the material library to the kitchen is easily accessible.

The brand colours are the core of the company and highlight the positive and intuitive work culture that Design TWG stands for. The branding elements are reflected in the entire office space like brand texture on the glass of the meeting rooms.

Elements of Design

  • The open design concept holds large individual workstations and promotes a collaborative working environment
  • Two large meeting rooms create a private environment for private meetings and discussions
  • The kitchen space is enclosed which still maintains a connection to the open studio with a large feature opening.
  • The walls, doors and graphic screen all utilize the company branding and feature the company colours.
  • A large yellow false ceiling creates a bold element at the entrance to the office
  • Double height creates a creatively charged atmosphere for the designers.

Design TWG utilised the open design concept to its full potential while creating their office space. The design reflects everything that the company stands for and encourages a balanced approach to work in which everyone thrives.