Today millennials are the largest cohort of people in the world. They contribute to about 23% of the world’s global population. The hold a huge impact on how products and services are designed. If they don’t meet the standards, they are not recognized and not consumed by the millennials.


Millennials have a much different outlook in terms of design and how they perceive it. Clean sleek and minimalistic approach to design is the future of how trends will be henceforth. When thinking of a new space; millennials chose to actively listen, watch or hire experts rather than do things individually.


Smart technology, automated services and social media have brought about the awareness of modern design and semi contemporary designs. Platforms like Pinterest, Dribbble and Instagram have brought about the idea of gathering inspirations and designing the spaces to look in a similar manner.


Millennials are opting for larger kitchens, which has a separate space for meal prepping, workstation & dining area, as well as a space to have hangouts and have guests over. A lot of whites and neutral colors are used in kitchens to make the space look much bigger.


Millennials see and demand natural light in their space along with nature inspired designs, colors and larger windows to their space. This is contrary to their work and office spaces. Millennials who have their own organizations chose the look and feel to be young, vibrant and a space for personal growth as compared to a more traditional approach. Ergonomic tables and seating with a minimal work desk boosts creativity and reduces clutter.


The willingness to experiment with different styles, trends and technologies is what brings the design trend and makes them trendsetters. They not just pioneer in the workforce; they strive to do the best because they chose to take risks. Millennials are the “influencers” of the biggest trends which not only reflects in interior design, but also in fashion, arts, music and architecture.


In hindsight, millennials are the people who will be flag bearers of newer ideas and cultures & working alongside this is what will influence designers to stay in touch and in trend.