Starting a new restaurant is an expensive process. The major expenses involved are of construction/ remodelling and designing the restaurant interiors and kitchen. If you are a start-up it becomes difficult to gather a lot of funds initially for construction. Also, you need to be mindful of your expenses, as the recovery will take a long time.

There are low-cost options that will help you construct your restaurant with limited funds while giving it a chic and modern look. The minimalistic look, i.e., less is more, is trending. Cost-saving in the construction phase will help you save funds for regular operations and may be innovations in the menu.

Let’s look at some of these options –

  1. Materials –

There are different materials you can use to save furniture costs. Blackened Steel, Reclaimed wood, and glass are some of them. Glass also adds an illusion of larger space and brings in ample light and warmth. Using simple easily available designs or even DIY designs/furniture for décor also saves a lot of costs.


  1. Lighting –

Lighting is also an important part of a restaurant. Lighting should be designed according to the space available and the theme of the restaurant. For example, if you have a small space use bright lights and let the natural light come in, and the space will feel larger. If you are going for a minimalistic look you can opt for simple lamps in a single colour. Energy-saving lights will also help you save electricity expenses in the long run.


  1. Kitchen –

The kitchen is the most important part of the restaurant. But new kitchen equipment and setup can be expensive. You can check for resale equipment from restauranteurs who are closing or upgrading. You’ll get good quality, professional equipment at a good price. For shelving, go for simple block shelves, it helps you store efficiently and costs less.


  1. Colours –

Colours help you achieve a vibrant look on a budget. You can use multiple colours, designs or textures that suit your restaurant theme. You can even approach a local artist for painting the walls with some artwork. This gives an altogether fresh feel to the space and an opportunity for local talent.


  1. Ambience –

The ambience creates an experience. For a customer, a good ambience is very important for a positive dining experience. There are simple tricks you can use for creating a positive ambience. For example, indoor plants are one of the best ways to create a natural vibe. It is not very expensive and you can change it every few months.


  1. Outdoor Patio –

Using the space as much as possible is the key. So, if you have some space outside, take permission for an Outdoor Patio. You can set up simple small tables and chairs, and increase seating capacity. Outdoor seating also lets people enjoy the outdoors while having a meal.


Although restaurant construction is a huge expenditure if you plan and budget it well it is possible to create a beautiful space at low costs. There are many restaurateurs who have kept the investments low using a little bit of creativity and a fresh approach.  You can do the same!