Scope: The makers of Grand Empire were looking for a design that would attract the more adventurous among those looking for lavish celebrations. With 25,000 sq. feet spread, the venue now caters to 1200 people at a time, using a variety of room configurations. TWG was mandated to help the client not only in the interior design and logistics on interior construction but also exterior design direction.

Elements of Design:

  • Luxury is the ruling word under those five majestic domes.
  • The environment is dominated with bright gold and purple tones with awe inspiring chandeliers and intricate patterns.
  • The banquet halls boast of state of the art audio-visual systems and intelligent table-lighting.
  • The exterior of the convention hall has a castle-like presence which envelops the luxury within. If luxury is the key word for business here, it is luxury delivered in every square foot.