Indian inspiration livens up an upscale restaurant 


Fitoor is a chain of Indian Restaurants. This outlet in the Town Centre of Mississauga is its first franchise in Canada. The mandate for Design TWG was to create the interiors for this Indian restaurant to make its presence felt.  

Interior Design Concept

Fitoor was competing for attention with the other cafes and retail outlets in the Town Center. To make it stand out wanted to give the restaurant a radiant, ornate and classy look. To be projected as an upscale dining place, the place also had to look elegant.  

The design focused was representing Indian architectural elements in a modern-day setting. Traditional Indian motifs, patterns and textures were used to bring together Indian culture and cuisine. The designers sketched out the entire restaurant to visualise how the lighting and the colours would blend together in this space. The result is a quaint beautiful space with welcoming vibes that is perfect for casual, yet upscale dining. 

Elements of Design

  • The abstract Indian artwork is used to give the restaurant a vibrant look.  
  • The stunning chandelier with crystal light fixtures defines the centre of the space.  
  • The furniture includes Rattan Accents, textured wood with patterns and royal sofas. The booths have a pop of bright colours. 
  • Traditional Indian artefacts and pieces are used to liven up the space.  


Fitoor is the perfect example of how traditional design can brighten up the space. There’s now a new perfect spot in town to host small gatherings, family dinners & friend hangouts.