Kennedy Convention Centre

Winning hearts in the heart of the city   


Kennedy Convention Center is located in the heart of Scarborough. The challenge was to seamlessly bring the entire complex of banquet halls, lobbies & services located below the street level up to the street level on the busy Kennedy Road. 

Interior Design Concept 

The area around Kennedy Convention Center has a vibrant & diverse demographic. This is where the large-scale events of Scarborough are hosted. The location and the diversity of the population it caters to played a major role in the design of this convention centre.  


The spacious entrances are befitting a grand event space, crafted to create a smooth and well-coordinated transition from the busy outdoors into the convention centre. The overall design uses a lighter toned colour palette with dark accents to give the interiors a regal look. Lighting is an instrumental design element in creating a larger than life look to the space. The design created by Design TWG paid detailed attention to lighting ensuring that every inch of the space, including all the rooms along the hall, was well lit. A circular arrangement was chosen for the banquet hall seating to maximise the number of guests that could be accommodated. The banquet hall is well equipped to handle all the light and sound requirements that clients who host their events here would have. 

Elements of Design

  • A rich shade of red is used to accent the overall light-toned interior design. 
  • Diffused atmosphere lighting to counter the lack of natural light inside the convention centre. 
  • Chandeliers are used to liven up the hall interiors. 
  • The ceiling is elegant with intricate designs creating a vast envelope under which all the big and small events flourish.  
  • Ample parking spaces were designed to give a pleasing experience even before the guests entered the convention centre. 

    This Kennedy Convention Center is at the heart of not just the Scarborough neighbourhood of Toronto but also the multi-cultural population that resides here. The KCC is designed for everyone to feel that it is the perfect place to host their special occasions.