Game is always on, at this paradise for sports lovers 


The location had an Irish Bar before, which wasn’t an ideal fit due to the family-oriented locale and large Kariya park frontage. The design mandate was to create a completely different look and feel that appeals to the neighbourhood while keeping the services and the central large bar the same.  

Interior Design Concept

Design TWG created the entire visual branding and interior design for this space. A vibrant look integrates sport motifs that instantly connects with sports lovers. The restaurant has a dedicated sports area. The bar with its large array of drinks, comfortable stools and accessible TVs  is designed to make the restaurant a perfect hangout spot for all sports enthusiasts. 


A party room for causal get-togethers, one of the largest bars in town, and a favourite destination amongst the locals. The large patio has its own bar and the restaurant becomes a summer hot spot for the community. 

Elements of Design

  • The new logo of the wave depicts the dynamism and movement of a Wave along with the hues of blues.  
  • The entrance ceiling feature invites the patrons into the large space and upbeat atmosphere of the restaurant.  
  • Large comfortable seating is designed for long games and relaxed conversations. 
  • The blue slatted wall spans across all areas lending a cohesive design force and unifying the different zones of the restaurant. 
  • Taglines were tastefully designed and installed all over the restaurant for the socially forward clientele. 
  • The white quartz bar with comfortable stools has easy access to TVs. 
  • Different zones have quirky messages like Game On, Always on a Wave. 

For Design TWG to create a design that was clean, modern, youthful & balanced with the branding and interior. The restaurant with its sense of everyone coming together to enjoy has become a hotspot for the entire neighbourhood.