Spicing up the place through richness in design 


To transform the space into a classy and upscale restaurant with urban cosmopolitan flair to the dining experience.  

Interior Design Concept

To design the look and feel for the interiors the designers of Design TWG drew inspiration from the rich ethnic Indian culture. They came up with an innovative way to highlight spices in the look and feel of this restaurant.  


A rich colour palette is reminiscent of the richness of spices in the cuisine and feels glamourous. The fusion of modern and classic styles like bold geometric patterns and antique elements makes the place vibrant. Several of these unique antique elements are placed together to create a royal chic dining environment. 

Elements of Design

    • A Spices wall brings out the overall spice theme of the restaurant. 
    • High gloss and reflective materials expand the visual field.  
    • A combination of light and reflective surfaces creates a larger-than-life experience.  
    • The ceiling features different levels of detail and highlights the central dining area. 
    • The varying colours of the cove lighting give the diner a different experience each time they visit. 
    • Unique features like falling water and fireplace.  
    • Reflective counters and marble finish tabletops give a modern elite look to the bar. 
    • The bar features a golden engraved logo.  

    It’s said you consume food through all your senses. The restaurant gives the diners a sophisticated fine dining experience where they can enjoy rich Indian cuisine while feeling the richness of Indian culture all around them.