Chicago’s Pizza Twist 

Building a space for a deep dive into the pizza culture


Chicago’s Pizza Twist, a pizza chain from the USA currently has 3 locations in Ontario. They believe in delivering extraordinary pizza packed with flavours. Design TWG had to create a modern and welcoming feel for this location while staying true to the goals and mission of the franchise.   Interior Design Concept

    Franchise brands usually come with their own pre-set ideas about the colours, branding and modes of operations. The entire interior is designed to reflect of what Chicago’s Pizza Twist is as an overall brand.

    The look and feel of the interior design for this franchise are a classic blend of drive-through and a modern restaurant space. Its largely contemporary feel is peppered with a few classic elements like pendant lights. Graphical elements, branding & visual motifs related to Chicago & Canada set the tone for this clean, sleek and modern space.

Elements of Design

  • Use of red as the primary brand colour.
  • The lounge design is more central and circular, with a low height seating. The circular and rectangular tables have high stools.
  • Use of graphical elements such as a woman eating pizza
  • Marquee letters are used for the phrase ‘taste the flavour’.
  • Mosaic texture on the walls for pizzas and motifs.
  • Use of green elements as a feature in the restaurant.
Chicago’s Pizza Twist has strong internal operations which makes the whole process seamless. This created a wonderful collaboration that’s reflected in overall space. The minute one walks in, they can feel the love for pizza in this fresh and youthful space.