Watt’s has an established reputation for offering great value in combination with a family dining atmosphere. The new location was designed to uphold its core values while catering to an upmarket of urban professionals. Due to the building architecture, the space was divided into different zones. One side caters to a fresh and upbeat ding experience including a private party room, while the other side has a laid-back ambiance.


  • The design language and materials used, give a warm and cozy feel.
  • The zoned seating accommodates all kinds of customer groups, from families to bar patrons.
  • The use of natural materials like natural walnut wood and slate stone mosaic to enhance the rustic


  • Glass crystal light fixtures bring a dream-like quality to the space
  • Geometric wood framing in the entrance divides the zones to give semi-private seating options
  • Off-white mosaic tiles create a dramatic effect and highlights the bar area