The mandate behind the design of the upscale restaurant was to create an authentic luxury Indian experience befitting the classic subcontinental cuisine and updating the tired rhetoric of traditional Indian food. Every guest’s touchpoint had to be regal and oozing opulence. Rich details, colors, and textures had to be incorporated; but yet attract the young and provide a setting for fun and vibrant family-focused meals


  • Illuminated onyx counter.
  • Paintings of Indian royalty in thick ornate frames; some of which conceal cleverly hidden tv screens.
  • Bright colors like mustard, mauve, violet, turquoise, and royal blue are used to dramatize the journey of the guest from the entrance to the seating.


  • The full height logo, cut in half on the back bar wall, gives an opportunity for brand recall in a
    creative non-obtrusive way.
  • Custom-made curio display behind hostess’s desk houses handcrafted artifacts collected from various
    regions and eras of Indian history.
  • The motifs of “Arch” & “Jali” (latticed screen), few of the most important art forms in vernacular
    Indian architecture is manifested throughout the space in different forms and proportions.