Scope: Flavours is a rebranded Indian restaurant. The restaurant had grown from their small take out counter space and wanted to offer their clientele a family dining atmosphere. The intent for the project was to integrate a family dining area into the new larger space while maintaining the experience of a lunch eatery

Elements of Design:

  • Booth seating for family dining.
  • Bulkheads to enhance intimate feel and add interest.
  • Incorporation of red colour.
  • Use of wood for a feeling of warmth and to add texture.


  • Dominant feature wall at entrance, with restaurant logo, clad in hardwood seamlessly flows from wall to ceiling
  • Acrylic mirror panels on central bulkhead to reflect feature light fixtures.
  • Large format red drum shade light fixtures over circular booths.
  • Large rectangular family dining booth that can seat up to 10 people.
  • LED lighting on booths walls and on bulkheads to add ‘halo’ glow.
  • Bright red quartz bar counter with edge lighting.
  • Bar bottle display with backlighting each cube shelf.
  • Eclectic Indian tribal art framed in each booth area.