South Indian cuisine (food from the 5 southern states of India) is steeped in ancient culinary traditions of the region. This restaurant project aimed to bring warmth, spices, and vegetarian cuisine to the modern Indian diaspora of Canada. TWG also packaged together a vibrant visual branding package invoking the modern yet ancient aspects of the culture.


  • Walnut wood veneer finished walls and paneling throughout the restaurant for warmth and
  • Geometric cut-out patterned Screens with accent colors to ornament the space as well create privacy
  • Subdued warm white lighting fixtures
  • A neutral color palette with textured finishes give depth to a relatively compact space layout


  • Space design, accent features, and Visual branding working in tandem to create a seamless guest experience
  • A geometrical motif is developed and carried through space in different forms
  • Spice boxes mounted on the kitchen wall as an accent feature
  • Traditional elements of brass used to enhance the
  • The artwork used in the space highlights the ancient culture of the region.