RAPiZZA is a chain of pizza places with a brand positioning that promises to deliver rapid, vivid, and fresh pizzas. It reaches out to the youth, with its trendy “fast fusion” pizzas. 

The Watch represents the Rapid bake Promise, The Slice Represents the Pizza. The word – RAPiZZA is a fusion of two words – RAPiD + PiZZA, creating our Brand and the Logo is a symbolic representation of two elements that are embarked in form of a Promise


  • The colors chosen for this project are Fiery red, Radiant Gold Yellow, Rusty Brown, and Smoky Black.
  • A Warm Welcoming Environment Walk into a vibrant yet elegant ambiance that will make you feel comfortable and relaxed 
  • The red band on the wall denotes “Z” which means rapid and it is a prominent brand symbol for that.


  • The forms and shapes have been derived from the pizza slice and “Z”.
  • The Texture is Inspired behind the central Idea of the Brand. Elements from the Logo and the shade of Red makes the texture most appropriate and in-sync with the image of the Brand.
  • The design of the whole place has been designed keeping in mind efficiency and speed, so everything has been planed where there is a smooth transition from the ordering to receiving the final order is done.