Pepper walk is a fusion cuisine restaurant in Mississauga where the eastern traditions meet a western audience. Design TWG has created a fresh take on bringing together the urban fabric of the GTA and the nuances of the eastern culture. A contemporary decor keeps the ambience cool and approachable. From its edgy name and visual branding to the interior design, everything in Pepper Walk is tailored to reflect the brand’s contemporary attitude.

Elements of Design:

  • The existing ceiling and kitchen were tastefully turned into a wooden element. This becomes a striking geometric wooden feature that merges inwards to the center of the restaurant space.
  • This intersection between transparencies and textures is continued into the open concept dining floor, where juxtaposition between materials, silhouettes, hues and patterns enhances the interest of the space.
  • Pepper Walk is able to invoke a sense of sharing and convergence between diners, as the low-backed booth seating subtly provides everyone a space within the whole.


  • The slate-clad vestibule walls and the adjoining “jali” partition houses the clever pepper-filled lightbox that plays off the restaurant’s name. Blue and green upholstery on the central booth seating gives a cooling effect.
  • Fiery oranges and reds are splashed on the seats and artwork along the perimeter. This striking contrast adds to the contemporary feel of the interiors.
  • The open dining floor is also grounded by inviting wood tones and neutral greys that serve to anchor the vibrant accents of wood, metal and stone interspersed throughout the restaurant.