Scope: Optical park is the latest of many earlier optics retail locations owned by the clients. The design mandate was that due to immense competition and the upmarket location of this store, it needed to be different than other eyewear stores. The challenge was to accommodate a lot of inventory in a relatively small space, while keeping it inviting and warm.

Elements of Design:

  • The store was divided into the major front customer area and a small employee area at the back.
  • Glass display shelves along the front of the store set the tone of the open and inviting space.
  • The acrylic displays along the sides are treated with soft edges, bold geometry and provide storage.
  • Overall look is of glossy surfaces and polished finishes that the luxurious and indulgent retail space for the finer things in life


  • The glossy white flooring is accented with a textured linen look tile insert to break the monotony.
  • The mustard accents of circular fabric drum fixtures create interest in the neutral ceiling.
  • The mirror inserts in the side displays eliminate the need of assorted mirrors and integrate aethetics into function.