The inspiration of this project sparked from ancient practices from all over the world with the five elements. These include earth, water, air fire, and ether and represent the basis of all creation. The human body is born from these elements and upon death is reduced back to these same five elements. All of the elements around us are the same ones inside all of us. The vision for this project comes from the aspiration of being the best wellness resort in the GTA which uses ancient techniques to connect to the mind, body, and soul. With 14 rooms and suites, 150 person banquet hall, a restaurant, fully functioning spa, making this the ultimate relaxation retreat.


  • Each of the five elements correspond to respective experiences
    • Earth: Nourishment ­čí¬ visual experience (identity, colours, textures, print application, digital application)
    • Water: Flow
    • Fire: Energy/Radiance 
    • Air : Movement ­čí¬spatial experience (environment, exterior vs. interior, furniture, accessories) 
    • Ether: Sense of Space­čí¬service experience (accommodation, F&B services, mental wellness and physical fitness, retail, spa packages)
  • All of these elements are incorporated into the branding of the project through the use of warm colors (brown, amber, ochre, gray, burnt sienna, tan, moss green) in the logo 
  • Artwork with neutral colors influenced by nature and landscapes.
  • The branding applications were designed keeping in mind the elegance and the warm colors.