National Sweets is a casual family restaurant that serves authentic, vegetarian Indian fare in Brampton. With a very specialized kitchen design that hosts stations for a “Tandoor” and “jalebis”, the design pays homage to important features of North Indian cuisine. As the name implies, National Sweets specializes in desserts and pastries, and as such, Design TWG put a spotlight on these offerings by crafting an expansive dessert counter.


  • The layered open concept and ample family-centric booth seating accommodate both smaller groups and larger gatherings to ensure that this restaurant is accommodating and inviting
  • “jalebi”-inspired logo and branding colors to bring traditional Indian nuances in the design


  • 50’ feet long ready to eat counter is designed to draw the guests to the variety of foods offered
  • Wooden louvered and “jali” partitions add warmth to the restaurant
  • The grey and taupe palette is used to generate a basic design language and orange provides an accent pop of color to the space