Diana’s Oyster Bar is a franchise seafood restaurant that offers authentic oyster cuisine in the city. The clients have an ardently loyal clientele whom they wanted to regale with an upmarket dining area in their new 3rd location. As the restaurant had an existing identity, the new design needed to reflect its heritage whilst elevating the brand into an immersive and unique dining destination.


  • A subdued palette in warm greys and taupes with metal accents and espresso wood finishes sets the
  • The overall effect is a welcoming and smart upgrade on the average seafood experience as it encourages diners to linger and savour both food and company.
  • The flow of natural light is also cleverly controlled so as to filter it to rich, moody tones towards the back of the restaurant—which cradles the eponymous oyster bar, much like a pearl embedded within the dining environment.
  • Polished and refined finishes work alongside a mature, intriguing colour palette to evoke the characteristic enigma of the ocean without the need for a literal translation.