Burgers Park is a small Burger joint off Highway 401 in North York, Toronto, and is surrounded by commercial buildings on its sides. The design covers a minimal juxtaposition of a rich wood themes and indoor greenscapes. As its name goes, the theme of the restaurant imbibes the spatial qualities of being in a serene neighborhood park.


  • The pantone of this design is simplified and fresh consisting majorly of wood, concrete and green finishes only.
  • Language of furniture relates fairly to typical park hardscapes.
  • Few contrasting highlights have been infused in furniture and feature wall to enhance the feel of the space.
  • Industrial pendant lighting has been used to elusively bright the place.


  • An artificial green wall-covering and an exposed brick wall on two ends of the restaurant are definitely highlight features that enhance the richness of design quality.
  • Moreover, a wave of bright textured wooden slats in the ceiling augments the dark backdrop of overall ceiling.