The design brief was to make an Avant-garde and elegant Italian restaurant in the heart of ethnically diverse Brampton.


  • Bucatini is an upscale Italian fine dine restaurant located at the corner of an elegant strip.
  • Its setting and exterior elegance had to be perfectly paralleled with tasteful interior design.
  • TWG’s vision for this project was to create a very modern dining experience and setting. Classic warm tones were used along with certain flushes of the signature red and black combination in different areas.
  • The lighting fixtures, tones, and embellishments all serve to form the avant-garde appeal that this restaurant aimed to convey.

+ bright lighting, comfortable seating
+ warm tones, fresh hues for brand wall & bar lighting
+ signature color combination
+ vibrant appeal
+ simplicity and class


  • + stone wall finish on the exterior
  • + name engraving on glass doors
  • + black, white, red combination
  • + simple wood texture finishes
  • + log texture background at a cashier station
  • + clean, white tabletop draperies contrasted with black seating
  • + custom lighting fixtures