Versailles Convention Centre

The Versailles Convention Centre was made to be extremely lavish, intricate, luxurious and decorative. The design philosophy was essentially to be able to create a very upscale and beautiful banquet space. With high ceilings and lush crystal chandeliers huge in size, this space makes for an excellent environment to host any extravagant event. Through using gold shimmery tones and contrasting that with bright purple (for lighting in the hall and other d├ęcor features), Versailles maintains the persona of one of the most royal convention centres.

Location: Mississauga, ON
Project Type: Hospitality
Area: 22000 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: An interior and exterior design project involving the visualization of a banquet hall and convention facility.

Style: Rich, intricate, elegant & royal

Elements of Design:
+ full glazing at entry
+ light illuminated central spaces
+ high use of natural light
+ royal, elegant appeal
+ extravagant chandeliers and fixtures
+ intricate, swirling designs
+ high use of gold
+ vibrant mood lighting in sequences of hall walls

+ gold/ orange curtains
+ simple, clean floors with glossy finish
+ lavish chandeliers and wall lighting fixtures
+ purple pops of color in lighting, doors and reception desk cloth
+ floors with simple circular design
+ drop ceiling/Crawford ceiling with elegant square pattern
+ full glazing on entrance sides

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