Tandoori Flame Restaurant

Tandoori Flame has become one of the most reputable Indian fine dining restaurants in Canada. With the creation of a new “Take Away” area, the design of the space had to enhance and fit in well with the tone of the rest of the restaurant. By using elegant and traditional features, the design of this space transitions smoothly into the rest of the Tandoori Flame environment. The design philosophy with this project was to use traditional Indian styles of text and features, yet put a modern spin on them.

Location: Brampton, ON
Project Type: Fine Dinning
Area: 1000 sq.ft
Completion: 2012

Scope: Counter and take out space design for an upscale Indian fine dining restaurant.

Style: Eclectic, classy, sleek & traditional

Elements of Design:
+ elegant counter
+ simple and eclectic stall sides
+ descriptive but not overly informational
+ attractive text in the branding style to allure customers
+ fixtures to enhance setting brightness and rich color food palette
+ mechanical workings of counter space interior to heat food to optimum level

+ customized lighting fixtures with spring cord and exposed metal encasing
+ LED lighting under countertop to brighten text on horizontal side
+ backlighting and glow on words “take away”
+ “take away” written in style of tandoori flame brand title
+ creative, descriptive text on horizontal face of stall in various styles, sizes and fonts
+ glossy gold wood finish on stall faces

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