Slumdog Bar & Grill

With the visualization of this upscale restaurant, the aim was to create a lively and lavish atmosphere. Eye catching textures and designs were put to use to create the environment of a high end restaurant. The design of this eatery had to adhere to the elegant appeal of the quality of food that is presented. Hence, colors that embody a rich setting were used, and fixtures and furnishings were all customized to suit the theme of the eatery.

Location: Brampton, ON
Project Type: Fine Dinning
Area: 3288 sq.ft
Completion: 2012

Scope: An interior design project involving the visualization of drawings & project management of the restaurant, bar, service areas and exterior patio.

Style: Modern, sleek, contemporary & lively

Elements of Design:
+ intricate textures and patterns
+ patterns inspired by waves and stars
+ high incorporation of gold shades and red shades
+ lighting fixtures with gold decor inside
+ wood texture usage
+ warm hues to contrast seating

+ custom fixture above high occupancy table with built in wine glass rack
+ bulldog paintings (dogs in royal attire)
+ red hanging fixtures near high seating & bar area
+ white, comfortable chairs
+ brand wall with extremely small glass/ mirror panels
+ television screens in certain areas

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