Pizza Depot Franchise Restaurant

Pizza Depot is a notable Canadian franchisee with various locations all over Canada. The design of each of these franchisee locations required a signature design that set the fast casual restaurant above its competitors. The design philosophy with this project was to create vibrancy and energy in each of the spaces and to provide savoury images to allure customers to the food.

Location: Various (locations exist in all over Canada)
Project Type: Fast Casual Dinning
Area: 800-1400 sq.ft
Completion: 2006-2013

Scope: This unique project required permit drawings for mechanical, electrical and plumbing and the visualization of the interior design for the franchisee pizza store.

Style: Lively, simplistic & clean

Elements of Design:
+ flowing forms
+ bright and delicious food imagery
+ large pot lighting
+ savoury colors and banners
+ incorporation of main pizza colors in design
+ logo/ name on horizontal face of counter

+ large screens on walls to display food
+ wavy banner with scrumptious imagery of pizzas
+ backlighting on banner
+ large screens to display large menus
+ many screens, some required for entertainment purposes as well
+ simple high seating and round tables
+ seating and tables with wood texture finish
+ logo in clean, orange text with subtext in red

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