Hanlon Convention Centre

With the design of Hanlon, the aim was to create a very lavish and luxurious environment. With two backlit waterfall screens, the convention centre incorporates lush features. The design philosophy for this project was to have bright lighting, darker wall tones and luminescent chandeliers. The banquet halls, although are designed with a more traditional approach, incorporating landscape paintings and chestnut furnishings.

Location: Guelph, ON
Project Type: Hospitality
Area: 21,000 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: The exterior and interior design of this project involved the visualization of a banquet hall and convention facility.

Style: Luxurious, lavish, extravagant and bright

Elements of Design:
+ large and lavish suspended chandeliers in two different heights/sizes
+ spherical lighting fixtures for exterior
+ drop ceiling
+ use of LED lighting
+ furnishings of wood features
+ seating, table and wallpaper unity in pattern/ design
+ traditional appeal in hall design

+ crystal chain chandeliers with brown bracing/ dark bracing
+ wall fountains with blue lighting
+ intricate wallpaper finish
+ wood panels bordering frame on lower level
+ pot lights bordering central chandeliers
+ bright wall lighting fixtures
+ pot lights placed in ceiling grid formation
+ ventilation to cool the banquet halls
+ high gloss porcelain flooring tiles
+ exterior canopy with heavy spotlighting and surrounding pot lights

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