Bucatini Restaurant

Bucatini is located at the corner of an elegant strip. It’s setting and exterior elegance had to be perfectly paralleled with tasteful interior design. TWG’s vision with this project was to create a very modern dining experience and setting. Classic warm tones were used along with certain flushes of the signature red and black combination in different areas. The lighting fixtures, tones and embellishments all serve to form the avant-garde appeal that this restaurant aimed to convey.

Location: Brampton, ON
Project Type: Fine Dinning
Area: 2750 sq.ft
Completion: 2012

Scope: Interior design project for an upscale Italian fine dining restaurant and bar. The visualization of this project included the dining rooms, bar area and service spaces.

Style: Fresh, elegant, modern

Elements of Design:
+ bright lighting, comfortable seating
+ warm tones, fresh hues for brand wall & bar lighting
+ signature color combination
+ vibrant appeal
+ simplicity and class

+ stone wall finish on exterior
+ name engraving on glass doors
+ black, white, red combination
+ simple wood texture finishes
+ log texture background at cashier station
+ clean, white tabletop draperies contrasted with black seating
+ custom lighting fixtures

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