Stouffville Family Eye Care

The Stouffville family eye care centre is designed to have a very home-like appearance. By infusing warm colors and letting large amounts of light through into the waiting area, it creates an energetic and fast-paced environment. The design of this space is also made to target the family audience, thus making room for a child play area. The design philosophy of this project is rooted in making it an energetic and lively modern environment.

Location: Brampton, ON
Project Type: Medical
Area: 1400 sq.ft
Completion: 2013

Scope: An interior design project for a local family oriented eye care centre involving the visualization of the entire reception, waiting area, exam rooms, glasses showcase and kid’s play area.

Style: Minimalistic & contemporary

Elements of Design:
+ abuntant seating
+ family friendly imagery
+ play area for children
+ installation above reception, custom fixture
+ warm color tones
+ bright, natural light
+ flowing forms
+ pot lights in radial arrangement originating above reception area

+ red furniture
+ installation above ceiling with lightweight decorative arrangement of narrow panels hanging off
+ logo above reception with orange backlighting
+ Bauhaus furniture
+ red seating for reception area
+ grey/ silver seating for reception desks
+ wood textures in grey for wall finish
+ wood textures in chestnut for reception desk and prominent furniture
+ drawing board and blocks for kids’ play area

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