Church Street Medical Health Care

Church Street required interior design with a contemporary appeal. Through the use of simple shapes and long extruded lines, the furnishings remain minimalistic. Adding the contemporary appeal was accomplised by adding the wall finishes, pops of lime green or sky blue and making use of vibrant lighting. The design philosophy with this project was also based in creating a comfortable and beautiful space.

Location: Toronto, ON
Project Type: Medical
Area: 10,000 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: An interior design project involving the visualization of a luxurious medical boutique involving a pharmacy, walk-in-clinic, medical spa and dental clinic.

Style: Sleek,contemporary and simple

Elements of Design:
+ sleek finish
+ glossy, shiny features
+ simplistic and minimalistic appeal
+ calm and clean setting
+ pops of neutral colors
+ wave type lines on walls to contrast geometrical features
+ incorporation of one intrinsic color to contrast greyscale colors used

+ high gloss porcelain flooring tiles
+ clean, modern text for signage
+ simple and consistent cylindrical lighting fixtures
+ constant pot lighting
+ use of green to stream through spaces
+ blue lighting used in certain reception areas and desk spaces in rooms
+ wavy forms in wall design at main waiting area
+ screens and magazine rack in waiting area

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