Braydon Dental Centre

The Braydon Centre for oral care required a contemporary and clean feel. Due to this, the design used light features that complemented each other. To gain a crisp and well maintained space, colors such as whites, browns and blues were used with added pops of yellow in certain rooms. The philosophy with this project was to design crisp and minimalistic spaces with abuntant light. All throughout the clinic, a lively yet professional feel was aimed to be created.

Location: Brampton, ON
Project Type: Healthcare
Area: 1400 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: An interior design project involving the complete visualization of a dental facility in Brampton.

Style: Contemporary, clean, bright & attractive

Elements of Design:
+ clean walls and floors
+ high presence of white
+ specific color combination between white and another color
+ different color setting between operatory rooms and reception areas
+ brightness and use of panel texture
+ simple textures
+ cool hues

+ tables with glass counters
+ prominent wood textures to contrast white seating and walls
+ steel rod consistency in seating poles and table frame
+ blue backlighting in the ceiling of corridor
+ screens to entertain patients in seating room and exam rooms
+ fluorescent blue custom lighting fixture in reception area

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